Meet Vetrepreneur Charles Alberici of AMNutrition

“In the Marines, you never give up, you fight until the battle is won. Going through the Marine Corp helped me realize I can achieve anything I put my mind to.”

These are the words of Charles Alberici quoted in the Daily News this past March. A former Marine corporal, Charles is a vetrepreneur and owner of AMNutrition, a featured partner at the 2012 PIX11 Health & Wellness Expo.

Charles Alberici AMNutrition

Photo Credit: AMNutrition Facebook Page

An weight-lifter who used to train Marines for battle,Charles launched his own all-natural protein supplement line anchored by his powerhouse product, Basic Trainein. Basic Trainein is available in local stores and sold online.

We are excited that AMNutrition and Charles are back for the second time at our PIX11 Health & Wellness Expo.

Stop by his AMNutrition booth to say hello and learn more about his inspiring journey!

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