30 Seconds to Air

Think you know what goes into the making of a daytime television show? Think again!

Watch 30 Seconds to Air, a 30-minute behind the scenes documentary that pulls back the curtain and details how an episode of “The Bill Cunningham Show” comes together from concept to air, an up close and personal look at the making of a television talk show.

Meet your favorite daytime talk show personality Bill Cunningham, host of “The Bill Cunngingham Show” at the Expo this Saturday!

“The Bill Cunningham Show” is a daytime conflict talk show, syndicated nationally, that deals with real people, real drama and provides real solutions. Hosted by Bill Cunningham, an attorney and nationally syndicated talk radio host, “The Bill Cunningham Show” launched on Tribune Broadcasting stations to great success in Fall 2011. The 60-minute daytime talk show is produced by ITV Studios America with a live studio audience at NEP Penn Studios in Manhattan.

“As evident in 30 Seconds to Air, the team at “The Bill Cunningham Show” is the finest staff in the industry and I am honored to work alongside them. I am continually impressed by their hard work and dedication to the growth of the show, and I’m excited for the team to receive the recognition they deserve,” said Bill Cunningham.

All production on the documentary was done entirely in-house by Tribune Creative Group led by John Zeigler, VP of Creative and Ari Pitchenik, Director of Creative. The documentary was directed and edited by Jeff Pinilla.

“Tribune Creative Group was given unfettered access to capture every aspect of the show’s production. 30 Seconds to Air truly pulls back the curtain and brings viewers behind the scenes of “The Bill Cunningham Show” to see the passion and hard work it takes to produce a show of this caliber,” said John Zeigler, VP of Creative, Tribune Creative Group.


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