Expert Speakers

Stage 1 

11:45 am – The Ricki Lake Show “Friends of Ricki” Meetup: “Your Mind, Body and Spirit, a Long Term Investment”

The NYC “Friends of Ricki” group will meet to discuss the health of the mind, body and spirit as a long term investment, and how to treat it as such.  At the “Friends of Ricki” meetup, we will discuss ways in which women and men should feel empowered while investing in a healthy way of life and explore healthy lifestyle tips for the entire family. The seminar will be led by Friends of Ricki NYC Meetup Co-organizers Chantal Onelien and Marie Roker-Jones with guest speaker, Bernadette Baptiste-Hageman, co-owner of Brownstone Fitness. (This seminar is open to all Expo attendees)

12:30 pm  –  “Aerial Parenting Tips on Averting Meltdowns Between  You and Your Children” – Presented by Arden  Greenspan-Goldberg, LCSW  


Arden GG

Tackling temper tantrums (yours and your child’s) is no easy task. Learn creative tips for parents of all ages from family psychotherapist, national speaker and author Arden Greenspan-Goldberg LCSW.

 1:15 pmSAFE, EFFECTIVE PAIN MANAGEMENT OPTIONS AND WELLNESS TACTICS FOR OPTIMUM HEALTH Presented by Lou Paradise, president and chief of research, Topical BioMedics, Inc.

The use and abuse of painkillers (OTC and Rx) has been called the defining epidemic of the 21st century.  This dangerous trend finds that addictions to prescription painkillers have skyrocket and that fatal overdoses have more than tripled in the past decade. The social and health implications of this epidemic are being felt throughout the nation, and individuals are seeking viable, safer solutions and a better model for dealing with pain. This program, presented by pain management expert Lou Paradise, will address these crucial issues and discuss safe, effective, ethical alternatives for pain management as well as lifestyle and wellness tactics that will help individuals achieve optimum health. 


Achieving health is not only possible, it’s easier than you ever believed possible!  Optimal Health is a whole new approach to well-being that is based on creating health and balance with the Take Shape for Life program.  Dr. Lebowitz will discuss ways to turn around the serious health problems that so many people face today by learning the simple habits and behaviors available through Take Shape for Life.  Become the person you always wanted to become!!

 2:45 pm  BRAIN BOOT CAMP  presented by Dr.  Ezriel Kornel 

Ever have your mind blank on a name and say, “Yikes, I’m having a Senior moment?”  Memory lapses can occur at any age, but aging alone is generally not a cause of cognitive decline.  Dr. Kornel will offer a BRAIN BOOTCAMP test to see how “fit” and sharp your mind is with tips and tricks to keep your memory sharp. Additionally, 80% of Americans seek medical attention for back and neck problems. Though only a few ultimately need surgery, there is a great fear of spine surgery. The general belief that spine surgery is very dangerous and leads to worsening back problems is enforced by the unnecessary and inappropriate surgery that is sometimes performed. Dr. Kornel will also demystify the myths and fears of low back and neck surgery. Ezriel E. Kornel, M.D., F.A.C.S. is a noted Spine Surgeon treating patients throughout Westchester, NY, CT and the Hudson Valley. A principal of Brain & Spine Surgeons of New York since 1990, Dr. Kornel is in the forefront of minimally invasive neurosurgery (MIS).

Stage 2 

11:45 am – Pain Free Dentistry and Zoom Whitening Treatment presented by Dr. Peter Mann

Dr. Peter Mann, who has a specialization in cosmetic, implant dentistry and oral surgery, will discuss pain –free dentistry and Zoom Whitening Treatment.

12:30 pm –Becoming a Vegan: Transitioning to a Plant-Based Diet and Living to Tell About It” – presented by PIX11’s Lionel


PIX 11′s Lionel was a confirmed carnivore. His dieting regimen included Atkins, caveman, Neanderthal, name it. He was strictly carnivore. If it had a pulse, he ate it. After his serum lipid levels weren’t to his liking, Lionel switched to a plant-based, strict vegetarian/vegan diet two years ago. In his seminar, he’ll explain how he did it, the myths and misconceptions of a vegan lifestyle and will share funny anecdotes.

1:15 pm – “How to Raise a Confident Child” –  Q&A with Dr. Lawrence Balter



Dr. Balter, an internationally renowned child psychologist and regular contributor to the PIX11 Morning News will host a 30-minute Q&A discussion focused on child rearing.


Will Cross, an adventurer with diabetes, will talk about his success as the first American and first person with diabetes to climb the highest peak on each continent, known as the Seven Summits, and trek to the North and South Poles. Presented by Novo Nordisk.

3:30 pm Incredible Transformations with Diamond Dallas Page


11:45am   “Healthy Body, Healthy Brain”  – Rafael Ortiz, MD

The health of the brain affects everything we do.  This lecture is designed to help families better understand the link between diet, exercise and vascular brain health.  Dr. Rafael Alexander Ortiz will offer healthy tips and discuss new endovascular procedures being offered at Lenox Hill Hospital for the first time in hospital history.

Dr. Rafael Alexander Ortiz is the Director of the newly created Center for Stroke and Neuro-Endovascular Surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital. Dr. Ortiz specializes in endovascular revascularization procedures for stroke, treatment of cerebral aneurysms, cerebral and spinal arteriovenous malformations, as well as treatment of craniofacial vascular lesions.

12:30pm “Sports Injuries in the Young Athlete” – Marc S. Kowalsky, MD

Overuse and lack of adequate education on injury prevention, are major factors contributing to the escalating rate of youth sports injuries. This lecture will address overuse and trauma sports injuries in children.

Dr. Kowalsky is a member of the faculty practice at Lenox Hill Hospital with an expertise in the conservative and operative treatment of upper and lower extremity sports injury, shoulder and elbow arthritis, instability, rotator cuff tears, labral injury, as well as knee ligament injury, meniscal tears, and cartilage disorders. He has served as assistant team physician for the New York Jets and the New York Islanders Hockey Club. Dr. Kowalsky is an orthopaedic surgery consultant for New York City Public School Athletic League Rugby, and the Assistant Medical Director of the New York Rugby Club Annual New York 7s Tournament. He currently serves as team physician for the White Plains Rugby Football Club and the New York Knights Rugby League Football Club.

 1:15pm  “Conquering Depression in Older Adults” – Jerome Kogan, PsyD

Depression is a common problem in older adults. The symptoms of depression can affect every aspect of your life, including your energy, appetite, sleep, interest in work, hobbies, and relationships.  Learn to recognize the sign of this debilitating illness and find out about effective treatments.

Dr. Kogan has more than two decades of experience treating people who struggle with depression.  He is a graduate of the Psychology Internship Program at Lenox Hill Hospital and, after many years as the Director of Psychology Training at Metropolitan Hospital, is currently the Acting Director of Psychological Services at Lenox Hill Hospital.

 2:00pm  “Six Dangers at Home Which You May Not Have Planned For” Tamara Kuittinen, MD

Prevention is key to keeping children safe.   Hear of the dangers that are within your home and learn how to prevent an unintentional injury to your child.

Dr. Tamara Kuittinen is theDirector of Medical Education, Department of Emergency Medicine at Lenox Hill Hospital where she is involved in teaching residents, medical and physician assistant students. She has been in clinical practice for over twelve years in a variety of clinical settings from academic medical centers to community hospitals. 

2:20pm  Halloween Safety   – Catherine  Blotiau,  “Safe Kids” Coordinator 

One third of parents talk to their children yearly about Halloween safety. Learn about pedestrian safety, safe Halloween costumes and how to prevent choking incidents.

Catherine Blotiau is a Master Health Educator with the North Shore-Long Island Jewish Health System Office of Community and Public Health.  With more than 25 years of experience as an educator, Catherine has developed programs & curriculum in pedestrian safety, bike helmet safety, water safety, calling 911, and sport safety to educate thousands of children throughout area schools in Nassau County.  

 2:45pm  “Women and Heart Disease:  What We Know and What We Can Do” – Suzanne Steinbaum, DO

Heart disease is the leading cause of death among women in the United States.  Learn how to reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease.  Become empowered with just a little knowledge and  prevention tips.

Dr. Suzanne Steinbaum is an attending cardiologist and the Director of Women and Heart Disease of Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City. She is trained in both Preventive Cardiology and Cardiology, with a subspecialty in Prevention and Women and Heart disease, and has devoted her career to the treatment of heart disease through early detection, education, and prevention.

3:30pm “Integrative Health: From Acupuncture to Yoga” Robert Graham, MD

A brief overview of alternative therapies currently offered and a discussion of its integration into our current healthcare model.

Dr. Robert Graham is the Associate Program Director of Ambulatory Care and Director of Resident Research of Internal Medicine at Lennox Hill Hospital. Recognized as a national leader in the fields of Complementary and Alternative/Integrative Medicine, Nutrition, Health Disparities and Cultural Competency, Dr. Graham is board-certified in Internal Medicine and Integrative and Holistic Medicine.

  4:15pm  “Living with Arthritis: How to Maintain an Active Lifestyle” – John Cooper, MD

An estimated 50 million adults in the United States have been told by a doctor that they have some form of arthritis, which can often limit their ability to perform simple activities of daily living.  Dr. H. John Cooper, will review various risk factors and symptoms of arthritis and discuss the latest treatment modalities.

H. John Cooper, MD, is a fellowship-trained orthopaedic surgeon specializing in primary and revision hip and knee arthroplasty.  He practices at Lenox Hill Hospital where he is actively involved in clinical care and orthopaedic research. 





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